The mission of the Dunking Frogs Foundation

is to actively promote the vision of Coach William

Middlebrooks, philanthropy and athletics as a tool

within education as well as manage donated

resources for the advancement of our brands.

About Us

Through the Dunking Frogs Foundation, generous donors actively participate in building, sustaining and advancing the vision and mission of Coach William Middlebrooks.

Private philanthropy provides the resources that the Dunking Frogs Foundation requires to continue growing its stature as a global leader in the creation, sharing and application of both academic excellence and athletic opportunity, culminating in the student-athletes we serve earning college scholarships (academic & athletic).

Specifically, the Dunking Frogs Foundation:

  • Receives contributions made by alumni, friends, private foundations and corporations on behalf of the many brands and operations launched by Coach William Middlebrooks.
  • Disburses the contributions according to the expressed wishes of the donor.
  • Oversees and manages the donated resources and investment assets.
  • Actively promotes philanthropy and the college opportunities available through sports, throughout the Los Angeles area and around the world.

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