The mission of the Dunking Frogs Foundation

is to actively promote the vision of Coach William

Middlebrooks, philanthropy and athletics as a tool

within education as well as manage donated

resources for the advancement of our brands.

Coach’s Corner

The “Coach’s Corner” creates an opportunity for individuals to have a direct impact on the vision of Coach William Middlebrooks to bring a major college experience to student-athletes at the high school level. Every dollar goes a long way. Through the support of “Coach’s Corner” donors, the Middlebrooks Basketball program is empowered with increased resources to make an effective difference in the lives of hundreds of student-athletes annually, by providing academic support, international media exposure and college scholarship procurement.

To Promote Education
Your financial support enables us to assist our student-athletes to excel academically, which is our first priority.

To Support Coach Middlebrooks
Having donated more than $200,000 of his own personal money into providing a first class experience for student-athletes, Coach
Middlebrooks needs a group of supporters that will stand with him annually to execute his vision of creating a consistent vehicle that not only helps high school student-athletes matriculate to colleges and universities, but also ensures they have the tools to excel once they get there, increasing the likelihood that they earn their degrees.

To Build A Strong Program
You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you contributed directly to the success of Middlebrooks Basketball and made a difference inthe lives of our student-athletes.

To Earn A Legitimate Tax Write-Off
Through Dunking Frogs Foundation, our own 501(c)(3), your donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the IRS Code.

By giving to the “Coach’s Corner,” every dollar you give will have an impact, and that is important when finances are thinly stretched. Every gift makes a difference. Coach Middlebrooks asks for a nominal $100 donation and hopes you will budget for this gift annually.

Annual cost for program academic support: $80,000 per year
Current per day cost for charter bus (Overnight): $1000 per day
Current round trip cost for charter bus (In-Town): $500 per day
Cost to outfit 1 basketball student-athlete: $943 & up
Nutrition plan for 1 basketball student-athlete: $15 per day
Flight, lodging, ground transportation & meals for 1 out of town trip (On Average): $18,400 per trip

For those that know me and/or my background, you are aware that the mix of basketball and a college prep education literally saved my life. As a result, I have dedicated a significant portion of my personal life (time, talents and treasures) to give this same opportunity to young people that embrace it, just as others gave it to me back in 1985. I genuinely need your monetary help and the Coach’s Corner is designed to allow everyone to help, regardless of his or her personal financial position. While I know that we will still need “deep pocket donors” in addition to the Coach’s Corner donors, every gift (no matter the size) counts and positively impacts the lives of student-athletes that participate in my program. Please help me to shape the future of our next generations.

Simply click on the “DONATE” button below and make your gift today! You will receive an immediate online receipt for tax purposes and your name will appear on the “Coach’s Corner” section of this website! Thanks for your support!

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