The mission of the Dunking Frogs Foundation

is to actively promote the vision of Coach William

Middlebrooks, philanthropy and athletics as a tool

within education as well as manage donated

resources for the advancement of our brands.

Named Endowments

Since 2005, Middlebrooks Basketball has impacted positive change and growth on both the high school and grassroots basketball levels (i.e., Ribét Academy, 7 West Prep, Cathedral High School, Middlebrooks Academy, Team Odom, Compton Magic and Downtown Purple Ghosts), along with our past partnerships in the community with the County of Los Angeles, the City of Pasadena and the City of Palmdale. To ensure our continued success, we realize the need for a strong endowment program to provide long-term resources that support continued growth and excellence.

An endowment fund is a permanent fund in which the principal of your gift is invested and grows over time. The endowment fund then makes distributions, on an annual basis, from the interest earned on the principal of the gift to support the purpose specified by the Donor(s). We anticipate annual interest earned to be in the range of 3% – 5%. Each year, the program will withdraw the interest earned from endowment funds to be used to achieve the goals the Donor(s) has established. Any withdrawn monies not spent are reinvested into the fund to promote growth and protect against inflation.

Endowment gifts are powerful because they renew and potentially grow through annual interest. They are extremely beneficial to the program as they provide a constant, stable resource to support our vision and goals. With the creation of an endowment, you have the opportunity to leave a legacy that will support Middlebrooks Basketball in perpetuity and provide valuable resources for our continued success, now and in the future.

Throughout our history, Middlebrooks Basketball has relied on the generosity of community leaders to champion our growth and success. With this support, our program has become recognized globally for the outstanding educational and basketball experience we provide, the quality of student-athletes we attract, our strong sense of social responsibility and our innovative programs & partnerships.

Ways to Give To Endowments:

A gift to our endowment fund is the strongest statement of support a friend of Middlebrooks Basketball can make to our program.

1. Gift of cash, check (made out to “Dunking Frogs Foundation” – our 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation) or credit card. Gifts of any amount are welcomed; how ever, to set-up a named fund, minimums must be met. A Donor card must be com- pleted to indicate how you would like your donation directed and all Named Funds are required to sign an agreement that will be customized for you by Middlebrooks Basketball.

2. Marketable Securities. There are improved tax credits for securities transferred to Dunking Frogs Foundation, rather than cashing them in and making a donation of cash. Have your broker contact Middlebrooks Basketball for account informa- tion and the necessary forms. Transactions will be finalized within a few days.

3. Bequests (leaving a gift through your will). A gift from a will can be a specific amount or the residue of an estate. Contact Middlebrooks Basketball to ensure that your wishes for the fund are documented.

4. Insurance Policy. There are three options available:

  1. Name “Dunking Frogs Foundation” as a beneficiary of an existing policy. A charitable receipt will be made out to your estate.
  2. Purchase a policy for Dunking Frogs Foundation. A charitable receipt will be issued annually for the amount of payments.
  3. Transfer a policy to Dunking Frogs Foundation. A charitable receipt will be
    issued in the amount of the surrender value of the policy.

Contributions to the endowment funds below will help ensure Middlebrooks Basketball continues to provide the resources needed to foster the leaders of tomorrow. For more details on endowments and how you can contribute, click here for our endowment brochure OR contact us at